Life Beyond the Lockdown – What are Banks Likely to do Next?

Businesses in the UAE must prepare for what awaits them from the banking sector later this year.

Right now, all borrowers are busy seeking deferrals and roll-overs from banks, but that forbearance by the Central Bank has been permitted till 31 December 2020, leaving individual deferral decisions entirely to banks. There is no regulation, but a guideline and a deadline.

Given this, it’s vital for businesses to prepare for what banks might do if they cannot pay even after the grace period.

Join our webinar in collaboration with an expert from Vianta Advisors DMCC to find out the steps your business can take to prepare for the future. Topics include.

  • The current situation at banks – their priorities and worries
  • The Central Bank stimulus – what does it really mean?
  • What are banks thinking of, indeed expecting, beyond 31 December 2020?
  • Life beyond the lockdown and December 2020 – what should borrowers start thinking about now?

The recording of the DMCC webinar by Vikram Venkataraman


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