Management Consulting Services

Vianta Management consulting services

We also specialize in helping companies become more efficient – leaner, with a lower cost base and effective processes that help cut costs quickly.

  • When times are good, inefficiencies are hidden.
  • When times are good, no one pays too much attention to costs.
  • When the market is tough, thoughts turn to cost cutting.
  • Too often cost cutting is seen as the solution – usually means firing staff.
  • Firing is so much easier than examining and rooting out inefficiencies.
  • Optimizing various resources will change the fundamental cost structure of the business and increase profitability.
  • Resource optimization also results in better sales realization and net margins; not just in reducing expenses.

The Resource Optimizer approach involves a close scan of an organisation to assess the spread and use of various resources (People, assets, funds etc.)

It carefully balances the cost/benefits of cost cuts vs. possible long-term damage to the company

RO starts with optimization of each key resource, may even include reallocation of funds – investments in one area could lead to an even greater saving in another area

Is a more holistic approach – looks at fundamental changes to structure, people, processes and systems – to enhance efficiencies in all areas

Is thus lasting, sustainable and becomes part of the fabric of the organisation.