About Us


Dozens of business owners and CFOs or Finance Managers have come to us to help their companies out with good financing solutions. Companies in growth mode, those in financial distress and having difficulties with banks, those with financing requirements – for new factories or machinery, or for new contracts and so on.

They have come to us for good reasons – we are a team of ex-bankers and have been in this business for 10 years, with a track record of successfully arranging almost AED 1.5 billion in debt and successfully closing numerous restructuring transactions for companies – large to small, involving nearly 10 banks!

We have assisted dozens of companies for a decade, in answering questions such as:

  • Will I be able to obtain bank financing given my business model and financials?
  • My finance team is not up to the mark – can I get some unbiased advice from experienced professionals on finance?
  • My business model is changing but my bank doesn’t understand this – what should I do?
  • Am I too dependent on local banks – do I have any alternatives?
  • I am uncomfortable having provided so much collateral to my banks – there is too little outside the business for family. What should one do?
  • Banks have taken my personal guarantee and security cheques…how can I make my position secure, in case of business and liquidity problems?
  • Is the structure of my balance sheet an optimal one? Is my business properly financed – with adequate long and short term funding, for example?
  • My company is facing a liquidity crisis, or will soon face one. How do I approach banks to restructure my loans without causing panic?

Clients have come to us for solutions in dealing with banks – both in good and bad times. We have worked with retailers, contractors, manufacturers, commodity traders and so on in helping them grow, prevent liquidity crunches, save interest and so on.

We have assisted dozens of companies for a decade, in answering questions such as:

In short, we are about helping companies find solutions to their finance related problems, be they with regard to structure, collateral, dependencies, safety and so on.