CFO Services

VIANTA CFO Services in Dubai, UAE

Over the years we have realised that most business owners do not have adequately qualified and experienced CFOs to advise them on the finer points of financing, risk management and funding strategies.

Most owners prefer loyalty over competence carry on with old, trusted employees who may not be qualified enough. SMEs, of course, cannot afford high-end CFOs.

In our experience, we find owners spend too much time on control and management and too little for business development, strategy and sales. Ideally, owners would like a senior, trained, knowledgeable person to professionalize the company more, set up processes/controls, manage finance and cash flow, provide advice and keep an eye on sensitive areas.

What you need is an experienced and trusted CFO. However, a CFO is expensive (around AED 35,000 per month for a reliable person) and most SMEs cannot afford one and large companies want to retain loyal old employees.

 We have a solution to both these problems – with our part-time CFO / Board services.

So what will the Vianta CFO do?