Bank Settlement/Restructuring assistance

Bank Settlement/Restructuring assistance

All businesses go through ups and downs. Covid has impacted all businesses and many companies have got into trouble with banks by being unable to repay loans on time.

Good businesses need some time to recover and banks understand this.
However, they do not have the patience nor the time to listen to explanations, analyse data and come up with a good workable solution that suits all parties.

Common problems faced by SMEs to discuss their problems are:

  • How to talk to the right person at the bank?
  • Usually, the person who calls defaulting clients is a junior officer from the collections team – not someone who understands business well
  • If the junior officer is not cooperative, it is impossible to get to a senior executive
  • How to convey to the bank what went wrong and how it is being rectified?

This is where we come in and can help you get a workable practical solution with banks – either with an one-time settlement or a restructuring plan that will give you time to revive your business.

We have done over 100 restructuring transactions – helping SMEs resolve bank issues. Our role is to:

  • Clearly identify the business problem
  • Present the whole picture to the bank with a proper proposal
  • Escalate matter to senior levels
  • Close the transaction

Contact us if you need assistance in dealing with a bank!